About 744

Oklahoma City, OK – Yes on 744 called on Governor Brad Henry today to denounce a “One Oklahoma Coalition” television ad that uses baseless scare tactics to try and turn Oklahomans against increasing education investment for the state’s children.

The ad distorts reality and ignores an interim study that says we can afford State Question 744 by eliminating special interest tax breaks.  One Oklahoma Coalition and its leadership want to protect their special interest tax breaks at the expense of our kids’ education. They are the ones that want prisons closed rather than losing out on their billions in tax giveaways. Instead they claims that in order to give our children a better education, prisoners will have to be released, seniors will be denied medical care and an assortment of other shameful, baseless claims.

“Worried that their campaign donors will lose multi-million dollar tax breaks, or that politicians will lose their five-star hotel stays, One Oklahoma is running a negative ad that their Honorary Chairman does not even want his name on,” said Michael Kolenc, Yes on 744 campaign manager. “This negative ad is insulting to Oklahomans, parents and educators and opponents of SQ 744 should remove it from TV immediately.”

State question 744, which calls for Oklahoma to increase its per-pupil investment to the regional average from 49th in the nation, does not call for a tax increase nor does it force cuts to essential state agencies.

“When it comes to paying themselves, Oklahoma legislators are the first in the region yet we’re last in what we invest in our children’s education,”said Kolenc. “We can afford SQ 744 if politicians give up their perks and eliminate billions in giveaways to special interests.  It is time for politicians and their perks to take a back seat to our schools.”